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2021 West Coast Classic is coming!

Beard and Mustache competitions are a lot of fun, and they do a lot for charity in communities across the country. The Grooming Emporium is proud to say we are sponsoring the full beard styled stash category in the 2021 West Coast Classic. A beard competition hosted by Beards by the Bay Beard and Mustache Club. The event is taking place on January 23, 2021and Talking Beards, a weekly interactive web show hosted by Scott Sykora and Aaron D Johnston, is the title sponsor! The 2021 West Coast Classic will be benefiting Larkin Street Youth Services, a nonprofit in San Francisco, CA empowering young people to move beyond homelessness. 

The competition will have 16 categories which include: 

2. Natural Mustache
3. Styled Mustache
4. Fu-Manchu
5. Partial Beard
6. Goatee
7. Full Beard 0-4 inches
8. Full Beard 4-8 inches
9. Full Beard 8-12 inches
10. Full Beard over 12 inches
11. Full Beard Styled Mustache
12. Realistic Whiskerina
13. Creative Whiskerina
14. Partial Beard Freestyle
15. Full Beard Freestyle
16. Creative/Craft Freestyle


The Grooming Emporium's (TGE's) own Annabel Molinaro is planning to compete in the Kids category, and TGE's Keary Molinaro will be competing in Partial Beard Freestyle. The category The Grooming Emporium is sponsoring for this competition is Full Beard Styled Mustache. What a great time this competition will be! The competition's line up of judges is an all-star cast and will be as follows:

Whiskerina: Dana Turner
Partial Beard: Eric Brooks
Full Beard: Paul Tu-McGinn
Freestyle: Dillon Scott
Mustache: Patrick Fette

Competitors will have the eyes of greatness upon them and are going to be judged by some of the best competitors in the world! 

 Join this online event that takes place January 23, 2021 at 1pm Mountain Standard Time or 12pm Pacific time. Entry fees are donations only for Larkin Streat Youth Services. There are incentives to varying amounts of donations, however it is a donate what you can event. The competition is open for anyone who wants to compete. The Best in Show winner will be receiving an artist signed one of a kind resigned artist panel print of the artwork created specifically for this event by Calamity Fair! Also Beards by the Bay will be selling limited edition posters for $30 +shipping and high-quality artist signed prints $75 +shipping! All proceeds go to

Larkin Street Youth Services! To secure your limited-edition poster/print send money via Paypal to 

 So check out the 2021 West Coast Classic event page page and sign up for this competition today to get ready to have some fun for a wonderful cause! It's a good way to get involved and get your feet wet in the bearding community! If you put good out into the world, good will come back to you!!

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