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Beard Dandruff

This is the time of year where the air gets dryer, and in turn our skin gets dryer. Dry itchy skin plagues many, and beard dandruff is real. Nobody likes have a dry itchy beard, and The Grooming Emporium have great products that can help. 

The Grooming Emporium carries a fantastic line of beard washes made by Wild Rose Herbs. Their Wild Man Beard Wash line makes the perfect first line of defense against Beard dandruff because they are all made with Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice. Coconut Oil is one of the best natural anti-dandruff remedies due to its moisturizing qualities. It moisturizes skin and can help get rid of beard dandruff in no time. Sunflower Oil contains Oleic Acid which prevents hair breakage leaving your beard looking longer and fuller. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which calms dry itchy skin. Aloe has a moisturizing effect on dry skin and helps to reduce irritation. The enzymes it contains reduces inflammation and provides antioxidants that relieve symptoms of beard dandruff and prevents skin cell damage. In short, Aloe is a fantastic ingredient to have in your beard wash. Trust us when we say that waking your beard with Wild Man Beard Wash should be part of your beard care routine. 

Aside from the soothing and calming relief these beard washes carry, they also have very pleasing scents as an added perk. There is Tundra which is Mint and Peru Balsam, and Cove with Lime and Sage. These are very fresh and clean scents which can lift anyone's spirits. Raven is Ravensara and Vetiver which is an oddly pleasing Earthy scent which any man who loves the outdoors can appreciate. Yule has Cypress and Juniper, and Solstice has Spearmint and Juniper. These classic wintery scents are good for any time of year but especially now when the holiday season is upon us. 

The Grooming Emporium has all of these products in the online store. They are ready to go to war against any beard dandruff or dry itchy skin you may be suffering from. 

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