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Beard Training and Maintenance Tips

The topic for this blog is beard training or getting your beard to grow the way you want it to for a more polished and managed look. It's not uncommon to hear of those who struggle with having the perfect looking beard. Getting to know the beard type you have is the first step in setting realistic goals for the way you want your beard to appear. Beard growth is triggered by hormones, more specifically, dihydrotestosterone or DHT. This particular aspect is in the hands of nature and cannot really be controlled. So acceptance of the type of beard you can grow is key to training it. 

Beards need to be trimmed! Even if you want a thick, luxurious, and long beard a regular trim is necessary. Trimming stray hairs and giving your beard shape is beneficial in the fact it gives your hair a direction to grow. Just be sure to trim the hair in if it's growing out, training the direction of the wild hair. 

Beards need to be washed. The skin under the beard is important in the ability to grow a great beard. The skin needs to be regularly freed of dead skin cells, dirt and sebum so it is a healthy place supporting hair growth. Exfoliation as part of the washing process will help to keep the skin in prime condition for growing a healthy looking beard. 

Following the wash/exfoliation, a beard oil is the next step to beard training and maintenance. Beard oils contain essential conditioning ingredients that will help with dry skin, dry brittle hair, itchy skin, and it can help to prevent hair breakage. Beard conditioning should be done after your morning shower and after washing your beard before bed. An added benefit of beard oils is the fantastic scents they come with. They make your beard smell really good!

Using beard products made with natural ingredients is the best thing you can do for your beard. The Grooming Emporium carries a wide variety of beard oils and balms that are all natural. Some products we carry are even vegan friendly. There are no drying agents in the oils we carry like you will find in more commercial lines at the big box stores. Always remember you get what you pay for and it is ok to pamper your beard and face!

Brush and comb those beards!!!! Brush in the direction you want your beard to grow and do it all throughout the day. Brushing with a boar bristle brush helps distribute the oils you add as well as the natural oils from your skin throughout your beard. Brushing regularly leaves your beard looking soft and polished. Be sure to make brushing your beard, and mustache, a regular habit for the best looking facial hair possible. Using a balm or whisker wax will also help in keeping your beard hairs in line throughout the day. 

The Grooming Emporium carries the beard washes, beard oils, beard balms, and combs you need for your beard. All made with natural ingredients that provide benefits for your facial hair. Very soon, The Grooming Emporium will also have a new selection of Sandalwood Combs and boar bristle beard brushes in our inventory. Also coming, a line of beard growth supplements that can help aid in the quality of hair produced on your face. Keep checking our webstore at for all of the products you need to have that great looking beard! 

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