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Check out our new shaving products!
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January Facial Hair Face Off is here


The Grooming Emporium is starting the New Year off with a brand new Facial Hair Face-Off. 2021 is going to highlight beards of all kind as they go head to head each month in the The Grooming Emporium's monthly Facial Hair Face-Off competitions. To start, The Grooming Emporium's January Facial Hair Face-Off is featuring Whiskerinas! What are Whiskerinas you ask? Whiskerinas are women who create realistic and artistic beards using materials of all types. They are featured in Craft Beard and Realistic categories in beard competitions all over and raise money for charities. Whiskerinas are lovely creative women, and we commend the work and effort they put towards making their amazing beautiful creations. What a fun way to raise money for community organizations who do what they can to better the lives of those in need. The competitors in our Whiskerina Facial Hair Face-Off are competing now so be sure to head over to our Facebook page, to put your vote in for your favorite competing Whiskerina.

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