Check out our new shaving products!
Check out our new shaving products!
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May the Norse Be With You!


The Grooming Emporium is very proud to say that they now carry Trollskjegg Beard Oils, Butters, and hand crafted beard wash bars straight from Norway! There are a variety of scents including Juniper, Spearmint, Rosemary, and a special line inspired by The Bighorn Butterboys (A Norwegian band) that contains a variety of scents like Tutti Fruti, candy cane, and birch. These items can be bought individually or in a set. Get a beard of mythological proportions using these fantastic Norwegian products exclusively at The Grooming Emporium

The Trollskjegg lines we carry are Brake, Boyla, Eir, and Bighorn Butterboys. All have oils, butters, and soap bars available. The Bighorn Butterboys oil with the pleasing scent of Birch comes in a clever flask keychain so that it can be available to you anytime you need to moisturize that beautiful beard.  Eir and Boyla beard oils come in a spray bottle for more effective application to the beard. All of the beard wash soap bars come on a convenient rope to hang in the shower. You cannot go wrong with any of these products. 

Check out all of these new products at today! Looking for a beard oil subscription service for your favorite beard oil? A way to get your beard oil without thinking about it? The Grooming Emporium now offers subscription services for any beard oil, beard balm/butter, and beard wash product you desire. Subscription services are offered on all single product listing pages. Check out the options by selecting "subscribe and save". Also The Grooming Emporium has launched  The Grooming Emporium's Connoisseur Club which is a monthly "Beard Oil of the Month" club. The Grooming Emporium hand selects a beard oil of the month and sends it out every month to members. Monthly price includes shipping and it is a great way to sample different beard oils to find the perfect oil and scent for your beard. Check it out on The Grooming Emporium home page by clicking on "Memberships".

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