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Meet Brian Tyler!

The Grooming Emporium caught up with the latest Facial Hair Face-Off Champion Brian Tyler. Brian won the Goatee Face-Off, and only did Brian win the Face Off he also set a new Grooming Emporium Facial Hair Face Off record for the most number of likes in a single round with an amazing 752 likes! We wanted to get to know him better and asked him some questions. Read on to see what Brian had to say:

1. Where are you from? 
I am from the Eastern Shore of Maryland.
2. Club or affiliation? 
I am the founder and president of the Mad Viking Maryland/Delaware Beard Club as well as the VP of Mad Viking International.
3. How long have you been competing in beard competitions?
I have been bearding competitively since 2016, so 5 years now.
4. How long have you been growing your goatee? 
I have competed in the goatee category since 2018. 
5. What is your goatee care routine like? (Do you oil, balm, blow dryer, combing, etc...)
My daily routine consists of conditioning balm daily, shake dry and use oil while my beard is still damp. I thoroughly brush it all through with a wet brush. I apply balm before leaving the house and usually give it a boost with butter in the evening.
6. What do you look for when choosing a beard product? 
I really appreciate small batch companies with unique scent profiles. Mad Viking is my "primary" beard care company but I like supporting others as well.
7. How long does it take you to style your goatee in the morning?
Only about 10 minutes.
8. Proudest bearding moment (competitions won, money raised, etc..)
I am proudest of the Mad Viking Maryland Delaware chapter raising over $20,000 in the last 4 years with a focus on kids, pets, and vets. 
9. Outside of beard and mustache competitions what other hobbies do you enjoy? 
I am the founder of Bearding for Autism Awareness, the director of education for a private school focused on unique learners, and the Cub Master for our local Cub Scout pack.
10. So you have an incredible goatee. Do strangers often ask about your goatee? What are common questions and what are some unusual ones you’ve been asked?
I talked about bearding a lot. I get a lot of questions when I mentioned competitive bearding for charity. Folks tend to ask about what that is. They like to ask about the categories, the judging criteria, and how it is beneficial to charities.
The Grooming Emporium wants to thank Brian and all of the competitors who took part in the Goatee Facial Hair Face-Off. Brian truly has a goatee to be proud of. It's great getting to meet so many wonderful competitors from the Beard/Mustache community. 

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