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Meet Corey "Ghost" Giehl!

The Grooming Emporium's Facial Hair Face-Off for the Whaler category was none other than Mr. Corey "Ghost" Giehl! We caught up with Ghost and asked him a few questions so that our followers could get to know him better. Read on to see what Ghost had to say:
1. Where are you from?  OH born n raised
2. Club or affiliation? President of Beard Mobb East, Co host of Big Sexy Saturday Nights, and right hand man of Big Sexy Beard Brand(Ghost20).
3. How long have you been competitions in beard competitions?   Just celebrated 2 years.
4. How long have you been growing your whaler?  Well I've only been a whaler since October, but I've always had a beard since it sprouted.
5. What is your whaler care routine like? (Do you oil, balm, blow dryer, combing, etc...).  My routine is pretty simple. Big Sexy Beard Brand wash every 2 or 3 days, oil daily and try to use whip daily but sometimes it goes without. I use a wet brush n skate deck comb, seem to work best in this thick curly beast. 
6. What do you look for when choosing a beard product?  Quality ingredients, good scents, and what works best with my beard.
 7.  Proudest bearding moment (competitions won, money raised, etc..).   I don't know if I've had a single moment. I've been apart of some amazing comps such as Mobb Fest 4 where 12k & 2 tons of food was raised, Epic 2019 where I believe 25k was raised, with numerous others. Placing 5th at Nationals 2020 was amazing. I think overall being able to help make changes in people's life would be the biggest accomplishment cause that's why we do it.
8. Outside of beard and mustache competitions what other hobbies do you enjoy?   My 2 demon spawns keep me going, messing with the laser cutter/engraver, and making money to support my bearding addiction lol. 
9. So you have a pretty cool nickname (Ghost)! Have you ever had any terrible nicknames? What were they and how did you get them?  I've been called many things over the years lol. I'd have to say the worst is corndog. Still to this day my homies dad calls me that. Ghost is fitting n the best, obviously the white n what little gray is left, n ask the Whalers cause like a ghost they never saw me coming!
Thank you to Ghost and all of the Whaler competitors that participated in The Grooming Emporium's Facial Hair Face-Off! Check out for all of the quality beard care products you need!

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