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Meet Mons Johannes Ensrudhagen!

The Grooming Emporium was able to catch up with the Facial Hair Face-Off mustache champion Mons Johannes Ensrudhagen. We came up with some questions to get to know him a little bit better. Read on to see what Mons had to say!
1. Where are you from?
I'm from Norway. I grew up in Kolbu, Østre Toten (municipality) in what used to be called Oppland (county) which has now been fused with others to make what's now called Innlandet. I now live in Gjøvik city about 30minutes from where I grew up. 
2. Club or affiliation? 
I'm part of the Norwegian beard group called Skjeggmennklubben (Beard men Club). Twisted and Bearded and some others I don't spend too much time in. Gotta mention though that I'm an ambassador for The Cubicle the leading Rubiks Cube retail store. I am thinking about joining the Handlebar Club or their Norwegian equivalent. 
3. Are you new to beard competitions or have you been competing long?
I'm new to this game as I started growing in September 2019.  There are few competitions here in Norway though,  I think I've attended 3 or 4. 
4. How long have you been growing your mustache? 
 As of now it's been roughly 1.5 years 🤘
5. What is your everyday mustache style?
It's kinda hard to say as I enjoy several styles. I quite enjoy a natural mustache which is easier and faster considering work, though my favorite style is handlebar mustache preferably thick curls. 
6. How long does it take you to style your mustache?
That depends on what wax I'm using. With Death Grip which requires heat I'm sure I can get it down to about 20 minutes depending on style. With the Sudden Death Wax I use between 10-15 minutes. With these, times are examples for what I use before work so they're never as good as I'd like it though with some more time, practice and repetition (quote Robert J Baker) I'm able to get it more precise. 
7. Proudest mustaching / bearding moments (competitions won, money raised, etc..)
I would be lying if I didn't say seeing my family, friends and beard group friends voting for me in all three of my duals in the Grooming Emporium's Facial Hair Mustache Face Off competition so much that I actually won!! 
I was so scared that something had gone wrong and that I didn't win after all 😅 
I'm very proud of having been part of raising money for toys at Childrens Cancer Hospitals in the Norwegian beard group Skjeggmennklubben. The toys  were delivered by some of our members dressed as Santa this Christmas. 
Actually being able to wear Christmas baubles  on my handlebar curls was rather awesome, although I had to take off and put back on to keep the stache from drooping too much 😅 
8. Outside of beard and mustache competitions what other hobbies do you enjoy? 
Singing both alone, in groups, or choir. Yodeling. Solving the Rubiks Cube (speedsolving). Voice acting. Gaming. Impressions. Star Wars and Harry Potter. 
9. If your goal is to make the cashier at the store very uncomfortable, what 3 items would you buy together.
A cucumber, petroleum jelly/Vaseline and a picture of Donald Trump.
We would like to thank Mons for taking the time to answer our questions and allowing us all to get to know him better. We also commend him on the dedication he has to such an awesome mustache. Having competitors like Mons in our monthly Facial Hair Face-Offs keeps all competitors on their toes. It also makes for fun competitions. Thank you Mons for using your mustache for good and participating in charities! That is what truly makes the Bearding/Mustache community something to be proud of. If you want to have a sweet mustache like Mons  check out The Grooming Emporium's website for mustache wax.  

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