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Whiskerina Champion Natali Johnston Spotlight!

Earlier this month The Grooming Emporium's Facial Hair Face-Off featured Whiskerinas. All of the lovely competitors had fantastic ideas and did a great job. The overall winner, the Facial Hair Face-Off Champion is none other than Ms. Natali Johnston herself! We were able to catch up with Natali and get to know her a little bit better. Here is what she had to say during an interview:

The Grooming Empirum: Where are you from? 

Natali Johnston: I’ve resided in Aiken, SC for the past 10 years, but I’m originally from Owensboro, Ky.

The Grooming Emporium: Club or affiliation?

Natalie Johnston: In addition to being the current Vice President of Holy City Beard and Moustache Society, I am also a member of The Craft Whisker Club, co host of Beard Craft Off, and producer of Talking Beards.

The Grooming Emporium: How long have you been competing?

Natali Johnston: I started competing back in October 2015. However, I had been going to competitions since May 2014.

The Grooming Emporium: What is your thought process when designing and putting together your amazing beards?

Natali Johnston: This is a cop out answer I know, but I don’t have one. When I make creative beards or freestyles, I just let my hands do their magic. I may come up with a concept due to a costume, but I don’t really put planning into my beards.

The Grooming Emporium: What are your proudest bearding moments (competitions won, money raised, etc..)

Natali Johnston: There are a couple of proudest moments, so bare with me. My first would be a tribute beard of my friend Jack. It was my first perfect score and we looked identical. This will always be my favorite beard moment. It literally changed my life. My second was Worlds 2017 in Austin when Aaron became the goatee champion. Even though I was literally sitting front row, and there was steps right in front of me to the stage, I ran quicker than I’ve ever moved before through two floors to get backstage. I was so excited for him. My third favorite is most recent when Talking Beards raised over $15,000 for Beards for Maddie.

The Grooming Emporium: Outside of bearding what other hobbies do you enjoy?

Natalie Johnston: Besides bearding I enjoy drawing, painting, reading and collecting. I’m a decently boring person in real life.

The Grooming Emporium: What is the weirdest smell you have ever smelled? And if it were turned into a beard oil what would you name it?

Natali Johnston: The weirdest smell I’ve ever smelt was a cat fart. They start out sweet then turn super sour super quick. I wouldn’t recommend making “Cat Butt” an oil though.

“Love that scent. What did you put in your beard today?”
“Cat Butt.. it’s like manure mixed with lemons”


The Grooming Emporium would like to thank Natali Johnston for participating in the January 2021 Facial Hair Face-Off. She was the first Champion of 2021 and she is our first Whiskerina Champion of all time! The Grooming Emporium would also like to thank Natali for taking the time to answer our burning questions. It is great to know you a little bit better. Check out Talking Beards on Facebook or go to their website 

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